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What is the goal of this static? As a newly forming static going into DT, our goal is to be able to clear new Savage tier within 2 weeks of release, with being able to clear the first 3 bosses of a tier by Thursday. In regards to Ultimates, out goal is to clear before the release of the next patch.

What are we looking for in a player? We are looking for players that are both strong and consistant in their jobs and role they are playing at. We are looking for players who are able to at leasty try and study up ahead of time, with the mindset of studying at least one mechanic ahead of whateve progression point we are on, preferably the entire fight for the first 3 fights. We are also looking for players that constantly looking to optimize especially during the last boss of the tier when checks are at their tightest. Don't be afraid to ask questions or advice if your struggling with understanding or executing a mechanic, but we do expect you undertand your job. Otherwise we are looking to build a chill group that can otherwise have fun with each other (it is a game after all).

Monday    11:30PM - 4:30AM
Tuesday    9:00PM - 4:30AM
Wednesday    11:30PM - 4:30AM
Thursday    11:30PM - 4:30AM
Friday    9:00PM - 4:30AM
Saturday    7:00PM - 3:30AM
Sunday    7:00PM - 3:30AM

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Current Roster

Naira Xaxas
Naira Xaxas Jenova