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TLDR; Sat/Sun 6:30-9:30pm Edt. LF1 M/R (non-SAM). Progging UWU Titan.

Casual-midcore static moving into Ultimate content. We are currently progging UWU Titan. We have experience working through recent final savage floors (P8&P4), and are trying to improve with harder content. Once DT comes out, we will be progging those savages first and foremost. Until then, we are practicing with whatever seems both challenging and fun. Savage experience is practically required. I can try to flex time a bit, but schedules are tight. Discord communication will be required. We aim to have fun doing content, but still get clears at reasonable pace. There is responsibility to be on time and attend, as well as keep pace with the rest of the static. Personal life and events that are out of your control will be respected, of course. Real life comes before the game. Generally, though, we are pretty chill. Even if the group is being held back a bit, there is an expectation that there will be no hard feelings. Still be prepared to take constructive criticism. Send a friend request/message to GamerOfEpic1 on Discord to get in contact along with your application. (Sorry if I ignore a friend request, bad habit!)


Advancing static trying to solidify members. We plan on growing together to prog new DT content at a reasonable pace, including new ultimates. We are more committed than a casual group, but not quite as harsh as a midcore group. Attendance and communication are required, as well as the ability progress at a reasonable pace. Above all else, though, we still want to have fun while clearing content. Currently progging UWU.

Saturday    10:30PM - 1:30AM
Sunday    10:30PM - 1:30AM

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