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TLDR; 7/8 Static looking for a Haler for 7.0 savage blind prog w/splits

NA] [LFM] [7.0+] [SAVAGE] [sHC/HC] [BLIND] [WEEK1] [HEALER] We're a 7/8 static looking for 1 healer for 7.0x week 1 blind prog, and for potentially staying together for Eden Ultimate in 7.1 (not blind and also not a deal breaker if you want to do only the savage tier with us)

The group has been focusing on blind prog for the entirety of endwalker and got an early week 2 clear on Asphodelos, Abyssos and Anabaseios and we're aiming for the week 1 on the 7.0 tiers. The majority of the group has also cleared all ultimates (with DSR and TOP being cleared on patch), all savages from Shadowbringers, and most from Stormblood.

Our expectations for the new members are: Previous week 1 or 2 prog experience Being used to raiding for long periods of time The ability to study and come up with our strategies (previous blind prog experience is a plus) Be able to study outside of our raid time so no prog time is wasted Consistency and self-awareness, to know and learn with mistakes and be able to deal with feedbacks Join discord call for prog Have an alt caught up for week 2, for split clears

Schedule: Week 1: 10h or more everyday since patch day, starting around 2/3pm EST Week 2 and beyond: Split Reclears starting around 9PM EST (days will be decided once 8/8!)

If you're interested, please send a discord DM to helmuth or guif_


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Monday    6:00PM - 4:00AM
Tuesday    6:00PM - 4:00AM
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Saturday    6:00PM - 4:00AM
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