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ButterBoizzz Static is looking for people to prog UCOB with, we're currently 5/7, we're all at Nael dive, close to seeing bahamut, so we expect (you) to also be at the end of Nael, or further.

We're looking for two ranged dps (or a shield healer and a ranged dps)

What are our Requirements?

You must have some form of Savage (or) Ultimate experience

Be willing to learn and take critique

Don't be toxic, we're doing this for fun, if you're toxic or and ass towards other members you will be removed.

Be on time, if you can't let us know in advance or a few hours before so we can prepare for a potential sub.

Study mechanics beforehand

Raid times:

Wednesday - 12AM - 2AM CST

Friday - 12AM - 2AM CST


Send a application through here!

Wednesday    4:00AM - 6:00AM
Friday    4:00AM - 6:00AM

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