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Chicken Horse Crusaders is open for recruitment
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  Looking for 1 member for the following job(s):   

TLDR; Schedule: Saturdays, more days TBD. 1 pm PDT. Need healer. Need players willing to dedicate time.

Hello! Were looking for one more player As we have 7 currently let me tell you what we have already so you can sign up with this in mind.

We have every slot but healers filled we have shield healer filled so we do need somthing aside that.

As I am mainly recruiting to fill up a dawntrail raid group at the moment we will see what time on Saturday fits everyone's schedules once I get enough people. If you join for dawntrail raids and want to join in for old content once that starts back up your welcome to it.


Wanna get into raiding? Wanna learn old savage fights and see how funny (jank) they are? Come on down!

This is a static intended to do all content, we are currently on Second Coils Of Bahamut Savage turn 2.

WE will also be doing Dawntrail savage/content as it comes out the group for that will be organized as it happens (when more players join the static).

Current player count for old content - 6

Current player count for Dawntrail content - 7

Start Time on Saturdays at - (1 pm PDT) (4 pm EST) (8:00 AM NZST) (3:00 PM CST)

Saturday    7:00PM - 10:30PM

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Mister Smurf
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L'ivara Rhiki Leviathan
Katra Lunari
Katra Lunari Leviathan
Riku I
Riku I'latrene Leviathan
Caliel Seraph
Caliel Seraph Excalibur