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Savage RaidingExtremes


Hello this is Amethyest from Dead Server Static. We are a budding static and hoping to grow. I won't bore you with a super edgy intro. Currently, we're looking for member to help clear content. We have some members that are new to raiding and are just getting into it. We plan to start off with extremes and gradually make it to savage then move on to ultimate. Furthermore, we ask that you are chill and understanding.

Wednesday    12:00AM - 3:00AM
Sunday    12:00AM - 3:00AM

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Current Roster

Ve Nom
Ve Nom Marilith
Icosa Hedron
Icosa Hedron Faerie
N'ota Solei Exodus
Rizu Fox
Rizu Fox Marilith
Tiger Paws
Tiger Paws Marilith
Amethyest Kobashigawa
Amethyest Kobashigawa Marilith
Miles Nocte
Miles Nocte Marilith