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OptimizationMCCasualBlind ProgFarmProgBeginner-Friendly

Interested In:

UltimatesSavage RaidingExtremesDeep DungeonOld ContentSocial


We are a group of friends that have been doing older content at Minimum ilvl/No Echo together, and are looking to break into on-content savage raiding in Dawntrail. We will be progging through the Omega Savage raids in the meantime to work on our coordination and teamwork (currently on O3S).

Raid Times: Tue, Thu, Fri 10:30pm-12:30am EST leading up to Dawntrail. Will add Wednesday as well once Dawntrail drops.

Current Roster: GNB, DRK, SAM, NIN, SMN, AST, SGE

Wednesday    2:30AM - 4:30AM
Thursday    2:30AM - 4:30AM
Friday    2:30AM - 4:30AM
Saturday    2:30AM - 4:30AM

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Current Roster

Nanaya Unen
Nanaya Unen Behemoth