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Echo Strats, LLC is open for recruitment
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TLDR; SHC LF 3 members of flexible roles to prog and have fun!

Welcome to Echo Strats, LLC! Sometimes called Gaslighting, Inc. We like to have fun, progress on fights and be chill about it. We're a Semi-Hardcore group that stuck together through EW with a lot of trials and tribulations. We are looking to go back to having 2 days a week of raiding, sometimes 3 at the start of the tier. We want people to show up prepared to raid but be chill about wiping and progressing.

We are recruiting for at least 3 members to join and are flexible on the roles. The current core of the 5 of us have played a variety of roles throughout the years and are open to trying different things in DT. So apply and lets see what you are interested in playing! We may be full on melee but can work it out if that's truly your passion.


Welcome to Echo Strats! We want to progress but have fun while doing it. If you are toxic, it won't work with us. We want folks serious about raiding but also able to laugh at themselves and have a good time. We started out in EW with some ups and downs but have a main core of 5 of us that stuck together. We have decently sized FC that runs a lot of events such as maps, old content mount farms, etc. Always helpful and generally on for most timezones.

We finished off tier 3 of EW very late due to having to go down to 1 day a week raiding. We want to get back to 2 days a week minimum in DT. Here is our proposed schedule:

Wednesday 7pm-10pm EST Sunday 7pm-10pm EST

Occasionally, we may add Tuesday 7pm-10pm EST as a raid day at the start of a tier if the members are willing and able. That said, raiding should not feel like a chore or a job!

We are looking for 3 permanent members to join and there is flexibility in what we are recruiting due to people being able to do multiple roles at a decent level. So apply and lets work it out!

Wednesday    11:00PM - 2:00AM
Sunday    11:00PM - 2:00AM

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Chablis Schmoyoho
Chablis Schmoyoho Siren
Miles Jett
Miles Jett Sargatanas