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The Goon Gang

Who we are

The Goon Gang is a Casual to Midcore Savage static. We are LGBTQ+ Friendly and open to new or experienced raiders. We are very chill and just like to have a good time while playing the game we love.

Most of us are still fairly new to end game content like savages and are currently making our way through the current raid tier. Will be revisiting P9S as some members havn't cleared.

If you have any questions or would like to join, contact @oxxiee on discord!

Static meetings won't happen frequently until DT comes out, but we will plan on days we can attempt and learn older savage content to get a vibe for each other. The times shown on our profile are just a place holder, actual times are TBD.

What we are looking for

  • Someone that's chill, that understands that when it comes to new content we are all learning and wiping is bound to happen!
  • Have a mic and use discord, voice chat is not an option.
  • Knows when its time to meme and when its time to lock in.

General Rules

  • No beefing, shrimple as. If you have a problem with someone take it up with the static leader Haydoon Dragoon. If you are one to start drama you won't last here.
Sunday    11:00PM - 2:30AM

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Current Roster

Ocelotl Namacuix
Ocelotl Namacuix Sargatanas
Michiru Chiru
Michiru Chiru Sargatanas
Lenisi Baker
Lenisi Baker Sargatanas
Piper Day
Piper Day Sargatanas
Haydoon Dragoon
Haydoon Dragoon Sargatanas
Weiss Glint
Weiss Glint Sargatanas
Alice Baker
Alice Baker Sargatanas