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TLDR; Looking Non-RPR Melee ; Semi-Casual; Current Prog P12S ; Nights M,W,Th; Raids May Be Streamed

Hello! We are a casual-midcore weeknight group that is beginner to savage friendly, and hoping to create a group of friends. We are currently progging the current tier of Pandaemonium(Current P12S Phase 1), and hope to clear before Dawntrail, then move onto either the Dawntrail savage raids, or Ultimate fights.

Our progs might be streamed by someone in the static, so be aware of that.

Our current schedule is 3 days a week Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights from 8:30pm to 10:30pm PDT.

We expect members to:

  • Be on time to raid times, or give a notice for being absent or late -Join the Discord server (Voice is not required)
  • Knowing your job at least adequately to be able to clear damage/heal checks
  • Study and watch guides for the fights before actual sessions, these are not blind progs
  • Prepped with gear, food, and pots ready
  • Be patient and respectful to others
  • Since the progs will potentially be streamed, please take care to not say anything that could potentially get in trouble with both Twitch and Discord TOS.

If interested or have any questions please feel free to reach out: Discord: @rieslainn


Hi! We are a semi-casual/midcore weeknight static that is progging the current tier of Pandaemonium! We're currently progging P10S and looking to fill our remaining spots.

Our goal is to complete the tier before Dawntrail and continue long term into Ultimates/DT raids. The only expectation is to be confident you can play your role well and prepare for each fight to be mindful of everyone's time/efforts. Experience with Savage is not required however having cleared at least current Extremes is recommended.

We made this group to steadily prog current content, and to also create a fun place for beginners to savage and veterans alike to be able to have a team to not only raid, but to also have fun. Eventually, we hope for this static to not only be a team that can consistently clear content, but also a group of friends that can chat, hang out, and have fun.

Our sessions are free to be streamed/recorded by anyone in the static.

Tuesday    3:30AM - 5:30AM
Thursday    3:30AM - 5:30AM
Friday    3:30AM - 5:30AM

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