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Hermes Did Nothing Wrong is open for recruitment
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TLDR; Looking for at least one DPS.

Currently working on P9S with the intention of getting through P12S before DT savage raids drop.

Need at least one DPS. We have a Discord server set up for the static. We're raiding once a week for a two-hour window, so it is fairly laid back.

Because we’re casual, it is np if you are running the same content elsewhere as long as you keep running with us until the group clears, whether or not you got your clear on your own.



Beginner friendly as long as you want to learn and improve since some of us are also new to savage content.

Currently looking for 1 phys ranged and 1 magic ranged.

Currently progging P9S 1x week with the intention to get through P12S, in order, before Dawntrail raids.

Wednesday    1:00AM - 3:00AM

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