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Savage RaidingLGBTQ+

John Pandaemonium Fan Club is open for recruitment
Recruiting since 5 days ago  

  Looking for 2 members for the following job(s):   

Looking for: 1 Regen Healer 1 Physical Ranged

Times: Tuesday-Saturday 10:00PM EST to 12:30AM EST Times subject to change once tier is cleared.

We’re 4/8 remnants of an older static that was together for most of Endwalker - we started raiding in Asphodelos and cleared the tier, burned out into P8S prog and fell apart during P10S prog due to scheduling conflicts (though 2 of us cleared P10S and P11S in PF). We’re looking to transition to sHC with a more serious outlook. Rest of the players are new to the group.

We plan to do savage to clear the tier and farm BiS and then cut down hours, and maybe look into other content like ultimates.

Things we’re looking for in prospective players: Savage experience Queer/LGBTQ+ friendliness Consistent attendance/punctuality No toxicity


No static introduction saved. :(

Wednesday    2:00AM - 4:30AM
Thursday    2:00AM - 4:30AM
Friday    2:00AM - 4:30AM
Saturday    2:00AM - 4:30AM
Sunday    2:00AM - 4:30AM

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Current Roster

Lucasta Sunrise
Lucasta Sunrise Zalera
Charlotte Silverwood
Charlotte Silverwood Zalera
Aldwin Blackmoore
Aldwin Blackmoore Excalibur
Zathira D
Zathira D'arcellan Zalera