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Savage Raiding


[ LFM] [Casual/Midcore] [7.0] Hello! Just Tacos is looking for roles to fill for our casual (midcore mindset) group. We're getting ready to raid for 7.0. you don't have to have to Cleared p12s but at least have some prog of it. We do not plan on reprogging p9s-p12s.

Currently deciding on what to do before 7.0.

We are in need of 2 healers, 1 melee, and 1 magical dps.

Schedule Friday: 9pm EST - 12am EST Saturday: 9pm EST - 12am EST Looking to start: TBD

Other Info:

We do not allow streaming of our raid nights. We have members that will not be We do not allow streaming. As some of our members are not comfortable with being recorded. You cam record for personal use but if you are caught streaming our raid secessions you will be automatically removed.

Friday    11:30PM - 4:00AM
Saturday    11:30PM - 4:00AM

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Shi Liyan
Shi Liyan Jenova