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TLDR; We are looking for a non paladin tank! It's alright if you're newer to savage raiding.

Hello there,

Our casual to MC static is looking to fill a tank role for (hopefully) long term static through Dawntrail for the upcoming savage tier! Most of us completed the entirety of Endwalker together and are here for a long time and a good time. We're a mixture of guys and girls that want to clear in a timely fashion but don't necessarily have the time to sink into doing that in a rush. We generally get 6-8 hours a week (3 days) in at least initially, then later on potentially drop back to 2 days and do M/W if we're starting to feel any burnout. We're not in a rush to clear, though we always clear well before lockout drops.


M/W/F 6 to 8-830PM CST. We're possibly considering going a bit harder on the first Tuesday of raid tier drop to see if we could clear the first fight in the first day or two of raiding, but then would be for fun and not a requirement, just if everyone wants to!

What we're looking in members

  • A willingness to learn and improve, but not perfection. We're here to clear and want to try our best always, but mistakes happen and nobody's going to shout at anyone for it. Patience with yourself and the group. I want an environment always where we can communicate easily about mistakes we make, without playing the blame game. Constructive criticism, never anger.
  • Having fun!! Please, raiding at its core should be fun, not a chore. I can promise laughter and memes (and a sprinkling of deez nuts jokes, I'm so sorry in advance).
  • A willingness to be in VC. We don't bite, promise! We generally provide callouts and learn together.
  • Willingness to prog at least a few of the fights blind. I mentioned above but for the first few fights we enjoy progging blind, which obviously means it takes longer to get through the fights. We do of course look up guides if we haven't figured out a mechanic at a reasonable time limit, and we watch videos for sure for the last fight of a tier!
  • Just being friendly - we're not expecting perfection, but jiving with the group is important to all of us!
  • Understanding your class - it's alright if you're newer to raid, but having a fundamental understanding of your class is very important! Raid progression and mechanic execution before parsing, please!!

Our team comp is: PLD (sometimes does GNB) WHM SGE DRG DNC SMN VPR

We are looking for a non paladin tank! It's alright if you're newer to savage raiding as long as you know your class well and are willing to take some guidance from some of the more veteran players. Logs are great if you have them.

Please reach out to me on Discord at Taiya_785 if you're interested! Looking forward to meeting you


Hello there!

Monday    10:00PM - 12:00AM
Wednesday    10:00PM - 12:00AM
Friday    10:00PM - 12:00AM

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