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ANY NAME IDEAS {NOPE} is currently seeking a skilled Physical Range for a long-term spot for savage progression and Ultimates. One of our current members will be stepping down this tier to focus on IRL obligations. We are looking for an individual who can play their respective role and have the ability to play any job within that role (e.g. Physical role to play DNC/MCH/BRD at a high level). Our main goal in the group is to be efficient and effective with our time. We strive to finish the content as soon as possible while making sure we can have a good time with the content.


  • Please have two characters as we do split raid during Savage.
  • Ability to play your class at a high level.
  • Able to review VODS and digest information as quickly as possible
  • VoIP (we use Discord and require a microphone)
  • 90th+ percentile parses on fflogs (our members generally parse in the mid to upper 90's)
  • Willingness to work with the group to optimize your playstyle
  • While experience in Ultimate fights is nice, it is not required (We have cleared all Ultimates in their initial patches)


Our current raid times for Ultimate are usually within 6:30PM PST-10:00PM PST Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday/Sunday, for around 3 hours per day. For Savage raids, we will generally raid for as much as possible each day starting as early as 12 or 1 PM PST in order to clear the content as fast as possible. Crafted gear will be provided as we have dedicated crafters to assist for Savage. During downtime and content droughts, we try to optimize with parse runs or switch roles around to have some fun. At this current time, we are currently re-clearing with 1 or 2 days set per week.

About us:

NOPE has been around since early 2.0 and has been raiding on each fight as soon as it's available. While we don't aim for server/world firsts, we generally clear content in that time frame. We have achieved week 1 since Creator Tier and plan to maintain it going forward. We are a tight-knit group of mature 24+ year old players that like to joke around, but also know when it's time to get serious.

Accomplishments of this Expansion:

If possible please provide VODS or logs. I am happy to provide VODs or Logs of the group. Feel free to contact me through discord felix880

Wednesday    1:30AM - 5:30AM
Thursday    1:30AM - 5:30AM
Friday    1:30AM - 5:30AM
Saturday    7:00PM - 5:30AM
Sunday    7:00PM - 5:30AM

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Current Roster

Felix Crescent
Felix Crescent Behemoth