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UltimatesSavage Raiding


Nophica's Naturals is a MC/sHC static for Dawntrail savages and ultimates that aims for a chill atmosphere while getting good proggies in. First two weeks will have 5 sessions, while the rest of the weeks will have 3 sessions (Tuesday, Friday, Saturday EST).


  • First 2-3 fights done week 1, last fight done week 4-6
  • 7.1 ultimate cleared on patch


  • Prior savage experience without echo
  • Know your job and how it plays at level cap


  • Be punctual. We will start gathering 15 minutes before raid time and enter the instance at raid time.
  • Do your best to stay positive during sessions. Know the balance between when we can joke around and when we need to focus.
  • Be willing to give and take feedback to improve the performance of the group as a whole.
  • Discord VC is required during sessions (you don’t have to talk).
  • For fights 1-3, the first session we start each fight will not require prep (semi-blind). For all future sessions and for the 4th fight, everyone must do their homework and study guides/POVs before each session.
  • Plan any other activities around raid time, especially during the first two weeks.
  • PF progging outside static hours is allowed after the last session of the week.
Tuesday    11:30PM - 2:30AM
Wednesday    11:30PM - 2:30AM
Friday    11:30PM - 2:30AM
Saturday    11:30PM - 2:30AM
Sunday    11:30PM - 2:30AM

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Current Roster

Rashavenir Vidofsormr
Rashavenir Vidofsormr Sargatanas
Slade Troyard
Slade Troyard Malboro
Raoden Stormblessed
Raoden Stormblessed Zalera
Aliene Stoud
Aliene Stoud Famfrit
Thunda Wave
Thunda Wave Halicarnassus
Marcia Sepul
Marcia Sepul Excalibur
Kragson O
Kragson O'hit Seraph
Zane Osbourne
Zane Osbourne Seraph