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TLDR; Building for DT. Apply even if a different role people can flex.


Currently recruiting to finish P12S prog (We all took a break after Abyssos, currently on Pangenesis) but looking for players interested in staying for Dawn Trail and building up the static to consistently clear savage and eventually go back into ultimates (Looking to attempt one after we finish P12S before DT release). We have fresh to savage players all the way up to multi ultimate players so experience isn't necessary however the goal is to consistently clear savage so at least be confident you can achieve this and work towards this goal.

All recruitment is preferential and we can adjust for the right player so if the group looks to be a fit for you then please reach out even if you don't see your desired role below. Can also reach out to me on discord (zephsi) if you would like more information.


Just a collection of OCE/Early NA players looking to fill our remaining slots to get a consistent savage team running for Dawn Trail. We have a mix of experience from new to savage players all the way up to multi ultimates so all are welcome. Our goal is to finish progging P12S currently as most of us took an extended break after Abyssos and it gives us a chance to look for members/fill our team out prior to Dawn Trail but we are recruiting for members to stick around during DT. Longterm goal would also be to return to ultimates however this is optional so it's just bonus points if you're interested we're primarily just recruiting for savage currently.

Any who feel they are up to the task of clearing multiple savage tiers in a growing/consistent group please reach out!

PLEASE NOTE: All recruitment roles listed are preferential and almost all of our existing members can play multiple roles and will flex for the right player. So if you believe the group is a good fit for you but don't see your desired job please reach out anyway! Also PSA this is a group of Aussie/Kiwi/NA players so the language can be colourful and conversation interesting.

Can contact me via discord also (zephsi)

Wednesday    7:00AM - 10:00AM
Friday    7:00AM - 10:00AM
Sunday    7:00AM - 9:30AM

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Lugus Anderson
Lugus Anderson Cactuar
Aura Saisei
Aura Saisei Cactuar
Nee Hao
Nee Hao Cactuar
Kahlin Tributum
Kahlin Tributum Cactuar
Sevi Se
Sevi Se'ra Cactuar
Stellae Tsuki
Stellae Tsuki Cactuar
Ari Psycho
Ari Psycho Gilgamesh
Quinella C
Quinella C'ryolt Midgardsormr