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TLDR; 2-day, 2-hours-per schedule. UWU prog and beyond to 7.0 savage, fresh is welcome

Currently looking for a shield healer and a caster for Dawntrail and to continue our casual prog in UWU and into Dawntrail! Currently progging through Ifrit/Titan. Players newer to high-end content are welcome!

All we ask for is a willingness to learn the movements and patience to prog and have a good time along the way, and generally keep your gear in a good place. Not requiring perfect BiS or anything, we're flexible!

Reach out to me in-game Micaiah Razh on Siren or via Discord phoenixswift if you're interested!


We're a static that formed mid-Endwalker with a goal to try and clear content in a semi-casual manner with a two-day per week schedule, four hours total, and have fun with friends while doing it.

Main goals are to clear the current tier and extremes, with an open book plan to expand to other things if all the members want to try something different (older content synced, BLU, unreals, possibly ultimates in between tiers).

We're pretty laid back and looking to push as best we can with a consistent schedule that also doesn't take too many hours out of every week, we understand when life comes up sometimes and will try to sub in PF, look for other things to do or even take a night off if it doesn't work out. People newer to raiding and willing to learn and improve are welcome!

We've cleared P9 through P12, using our time for now testing the waters in UWU, planning to focus on savage in Dawntrail!

Wednesday    1:00AM - 3:00AM
Thursday    1:00AM - 3:00AM

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Micaiah Razh
Micaiah Razh Siren