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CasualBlind ProgFarmProgBeginner-Friendly

Interested In:

UltimatesSavage RaidingExtremesDungeonsDeep DungeonOld ContentTreasure MapsCasual/OtherMature


We're a chill team looking to run P12S. We semi-blind prog new fights to give everybody a chance to see and learn in their own way. Salt free is our creed, having fun while accomplishing something fantastic is our goal.

We are at P12S Phase 2. No special loot rules - if you raid, you roll. Currently running Monday and Friday nights 915PM EST to Midnight EST. Fridays only would also work as we have a sub for Mondays!

Also open to other activities including Variant, Criterion, and Deep Dungeons as well as Maps.

@shrimpgumbo410 on Discord (TikTok too if you want some fluffy cat videos featuring toe beans and cuddles)

Tuesday    1:00AM - 3:00AM
Saturday    1:00AM - 3:00AM

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Current Roster

Aji Tama
Aji Tama Excalibur
Ai'lin Maren Malboro
Hosuke Loco-diamond
Hosuke Loco-diamond Coeurl
Kamure Cassiopeia
Kamure Cassiopeia Diabolos
Arda Yamedo
Arda Yamedo Malboro
Darius Rodion
Darius Rodion Malboro