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RP Raiders is open for recruitment
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  Looking for 8 members for the following job(s):   

TLDR; P11s, schedule TBD, 2 week clear

Main Goal #1: To be open-minded & accepting of all levels of knowledge of progs

Optimal Goal #1: Understand that we accept you, just know that you also have to meet us halfway in terms of progression. (If you don't get it as fast enough or is stumped on a mechanic, that's fine, we'll try to assist you outside of static times)

Optimal Goal #2: Intolerance, peer-pressuring or any form of aggression (whether it be passive or not) is not allowed, any form of discrimination will not be overlook either

Optimal Goal #3: If you have a disability, we will do our best to accommodate and make sure that you are included by any means.

Main Goal #2: Remember our name [Rp] Raiders, we do focus on the RP aspect as well as raiding, be your character (SN: If you made your character you, remember the setting you are in) we want our wols to be included and not just as you as fighting dolls for loot.

(UPDATE Parsing) Sub-Goal #1: [Ty Nallum ;;] In regards of Parsing, in our sub-leader's words "We'll cross that bridge once we get there"


Welcome to RP Raiders, a recently formed static made by two nerds during the April Fools Maintenance Patch of 2024! :D I am Weiselia Phokoi (if you need assistance on how to pronounce it, i will gladly assist in VC) along with our sub-leader, Nallum Cinnamon. Our goal is to provide proggin to those who (realistic) want to be able to learn during Savage runs / Ultimates (We'll discuss more about Old content as we further progress down this rabbit hole but eh). The Static is primarily Mid/Hard-core raiding content so, keep an open mind and be patient with you other static-mates, alright? More context and scheduling will be added when we discuss it more,


Love yourself and allow others to love you for you~♪

Monday    10:00PM - 1:00AM
Wednesday    10:00PM - 1:00AM

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Current Roster

Nallum Cinnamon
Nallum Cinnamon Seraph
Weiselia Phokoi
Weiselia Phokoi Hyperion