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Savage Raiding

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TLDR; 7.0 Static looking for DRK/GNB Tank and Phys range.

Hello all, we are looking for a DRK/GNB tank, and aPhysical Range DPS or Helaer to join our static. We are a mid-sHC static. We’ve cleared stormblood and beyond as a static and most members have cleared some form of ultimate in one form or another.


Tues/Wed/Thurs - 7pm EST to 10pm EST with a small break when reinstancing.

Jobs 1x Tank - DRK/GNB 1x Phys Range - DNC/BRD/MCH


We are a fairly laid back group, we will not tolerate negative attitudes toward players or in general. We will have some nights where we clear all 4 floors no problem, and some nights where we end up on the first floor for 3 hours. Have a mic, you don’t need to talk much but being able to call out mechanics that affect you and a partner is a must. While RL is more important than video games, attendance is expected, we can’t prevent emergencies, but you are commiting to the times we have, and if you cannot attend for a reason you are expected to find a sub. We enjoy blind prog at the start of a tier, but as we get into fights we will expect you to know up to a certain point through research Week 1 we plan to clear at least up to the 3rd fight, if we need to add extra days to see that happen in the first week we will.

The Team

Spark Flaimborn - Wawazu Yoyo - Alu Tepes - Tusik Strife - Evant Recomoux - Alexander Solaire -


If you are interested in joining us we would love to have you submit an application either on xiv recruit, or by messaging me here. Please include a link to your FFLogs and a little bit about you!


We are a fairly laid back mid core static that does savage raiding Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 7EST.

Tuesday    11:00PM - 2:00AM
Wednesday    11:00PM - 2:00AM
Thursday    11:00PM - 2:00AM

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Current Roster

Alu Tepes
Alu Tepes Ultros
Spark Flaimborn
Spark Flaimborn Ultros
Wawazu Yoyo
Wawazu Yoyo Leviathan
Alexander Solaire
Alexander Solaire Ultros
Evant Recomoux
Evant Recomoux Exodus
Tusik Strife
Tusik Strife Ultros