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Want to learn a class, but you're afraid of the duty roulette? Have a brain that feels more like a sieve than a brain? Want to learn savage but you're also scared of savage players? You're in the right place! Can't promise I excel at the game, but that's what I'm here for; have you ever sat down and gone "it would be so cool to have some people who I can just hang out with while learning this class" or "man I really want to ask what happened in that raid but I am so afraid that I will be made fun of" or something similar? Yeah me too, and I'm sick of it! This is our clubhouse for being small, afraid, and potentially terrible at the game. To the moon and beyond! Geared towards anxious and neurodivergent people, and extremely friendly to queer people.
Hours are every other Saturday at listed times! Roles are also flexible; you can submit applications with whatever you're most comfortable with or whatever you want to learn, just make a note of which it is :D

Sunday    12:00AM - 3:00AM

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Current Roster

Lord Marowit
Lord Marowit Diabolos
Nord Roderickson
Nord Roderickson Hyperion
Ane'sae Mykame Maduin
Glxtch Husanes
Glxtch Husanes Behemoth
Ikali Ira
Ikali Ira Sargatanas
Yuri Malqir
Yuri Malqir Brynhildr