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Week 1 ProgressionHCsHCProg

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Savage Raiding

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TLDR; [DT][Week 1][PROG]

Hey All!

An easy going group of friends dedicated to completing the tier week 1, or at least as quickly as possible!

Looking for either a Tank for Week 1 clears/future reclears of 1st Dawntrail savage tier!

Expectation: Our group is currently dedicated to progging 14-16 hours every day the first week of release, planning to go in as soon as servers are live Tuesday. We will be running splits (1 alt) to help with gearing. If we don't clear in that first week we'll switch to an evening schedule until we get the clear. Exact times are TBD once a full group is formed. Multiple members have flex roles they feel comfortable with so if you have another role you feel good in, be sure to let us know! Drop your discord with your app so we can answer any additional questions you may have!

Current roster:

  • Omni Healer + Flex Phys Range
  • Omni Healer
  • Omni Melee
  • Omni Melee + Flex Tank
  • SMN/PIC + Flex Shield Healer
  • Omni Tank
  • Phys Range + Flex Tank

Hey All! we're a group of friends who want to make a push for week 1 clears. We've progged previous Endwalker tiers in both static format and pf. Last release we thought, "boy oh boy, if we had a consistent group I bet we could clear week 1." This is hopefully that group!

Monday    12:00PM - 5:00AM
Tuesday    12:00PM - 5:00AM
Wednesday    12:00PM - 5:00AM
Thursday    12:00PM - 5:00AM
Friday    12:00PM - 5:00AM
Saturday    12:00PM - 5:00AM
Sunday    12:00PM - 5:00AM

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Current Roster

Rexx Aprilis
Rexx Aprilis Adamantoise
Kat Sumi
Kat Sumi Jenova
Florentel Lanquart
Florentel Lanquart Gilgamesh
Beni Chan
Beni Chan Cactuar