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TLDR; LF 1 pranged to round out roster. Currently running TEA reclears.

We are a savage group currently progging ultimates, but looking for a pranged to fill our roster for 7.0 and beyond. We've previously cleared TOP, UWU, UCOB, and currently doing TEA reclears. Plan is to tackle FRU/DSR after 7.0 savage tier.

We're a group of like minded individuals who are serious about running content but like to have fun with it along the way. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in feel free to reach out.

Raid Days: Tues/Weds/Thurs Raid Times: 9:30pm EST - 12:30AM EST

Looking to recruit: DNC/BRD/MCH

Logs available as needed. If interested dm me and we can chat.


We raid, we shower, we discuss disgusting food combinations.

Wednesday    1:30AM - 4:30AM
Thursday    1:30AM - 4:30AM
Friday    1:30AM - 4:30AM

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Mikara Vraigo
Mikara Vraigo Sargatanas
Kokaku Sento
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