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[LFM][NA][Aether][Ucob][MC-sHC][discord] Aether DC (NA)

[NA][AETHER] [UCOB] [MC/SHC] [5/8]

Hello everyone I’m currently recruiting members to prog Ucob before dawntrail hits in the summer. I’m looking for people with extremely high determination and patience to clear the fight.

Looking for- shield healer Caster, and melee or other dps.

The requirements

Must be level headed and chill. - VC is absolute must to hear call-outs, you do not have to talk.

    Respect towards every member of the static, toxicity will be removed.

able to craft your own raid food and pot or buy them.

Being on time every raid session unless a heads up is given for any delay prior to the raid time

Studying mechs beforehand

have good knowledge about your job.

Raid days/times Sunday, Monday, Tuesday 6:00pm est till. 9:00pm est

Contact me at Sayaa on discord or Dm me here

Monday    11:00PM - 3:00AM
Tuesday    11:00PM - 3:00AM
Sunday    11:00PM - 3:00AM

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Current Roster

Kagome Hirogashi
Kagome Hirogashi Midgardsormr