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Umbral Calamity is open for recruitment
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TLDR; Umbral Calamity is a static that is focused on raiding and having a great time


Umbral Calamity is a static that is focused on raiding and having a great time. If you're just starting raiding or if you have some experience already we'd love to have you! We are currently progging E10S and will continue to do the Eden Promise Savage fights until Dawntrail. We will be raiding Dawntrail on release as well :) If you think we would make a good static for you, please contact the leader on discord at astralblackx or send a request to join the static here.

About us:

  • We raid every Saturday and Sunday currently in the range of 8:00PM EST - 11:00PM EST
  • Fun and friendly environment
  • Open-minded and respects your time
  • Strict rules that encourage a safe space where everyone is respected
  • Chill and like to laugh but not afraid to work together for completing content

What we're looking for:

  • Friendly, able to work together, help another out if needed
  • Knowledgeable about the game, classes, and mechanics of fights
  • Inexperienced players who want a place to start at
  • Serious about completing a goal but respects everyone's time
  • Prepared for the duty at hand
  • Can join discord VC for raids
  • Looks at guides
  • Ability to register for raids

Static roadmap:

  • Coil raids (Synced) โœ”๏ธ
  • Endwalker Extreme Trials โœ”๏ธ
  • Eden Promise Savage (Currently progging)โŒ
  • Dawntrail raids/extremes โŒ

Thanks for checking us out!


Umbral Calamity is a static that is focused on learning how to raid various pieces of content regardless if you're just starting from normal content to extremes, or if you have some experience already. If you're a veteran who just wants to have a chill place to call your home, you as well are welcome here! ^_^

It's a pleasure to meet everyone! Allow me to introduce myself, I am Astral, I am currently the leader of the Umbral Calamity static. I created the static to help myself, and other people who are looking to start with hard content, get an opportunity to do so. I virtually have no experience besides doing some extremes, I wanted to start doing harder content and had trouble finding people to do content with. My goal for this static is to have a group of friends who want to complete content in a relaxed environment.

Monday    1:00AM - 4:00AM
Sunday    1:00AM - 4:00AM

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