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TLDR; [4/8] 1 Tank 1 Prange 1 Healer Week 2 - 3 Clear semi hardcore.

[sHC] [4/8] [7.0 Savage] Tank , prange , Healer x2 Hai Hai Wayward Souls is looking to rebuild our static bigger and better then ever for 7.0 and onward. We are a chill yet serious static where we want people to look forward to coming to raid but don't feel like their time is wasted. We want prog but we want to laugh and have fun along the way. I'm looking for people that can handle stressful situation and awkwardness with a laugh! We plan to aim for a week 2 to 3 clear, once we get the roster filled out we will decide on what days will be best for everyone with week 1 being the exception because we will be raiding everyday. We leave 90% of the decisions up to a group vote like if we want alt splits or not / once tier is cleared and farmed out do we parse or break till ultimate. Most of us have raided together and cleared Ultimates like DSR, TOP, TEA

Expectations Please be on time its very important that everyone is on time unless giving advance that you will be late Please come prepared having study and if something is unclear ask questions Please use your microphone, We want people who like to talk and talk about the fight but when it gets serious to know when to focus We prefer fast progs and people who go into pf in the off time show us you are dedicated to clearing. A lot of us love to pf when we aren't raiding Please have fun we aren't a super try hard serious group but we do want to prog has a decent rate. Not required But Higher chance of getting in if you have already Cleared an Ultimate that is not UwU or Ucob

Please don't be scared to hit me up with any question or if you are interested. Thank you ^^

Schedule is Week 1 everyday Week 2 Tuesday - Thursday: 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM Est Once cleared schedule may change

Logs Tank - Tank - Looking for Melee - Melee - Prange - Looking for Caster - Healer - Looking for Healer - Looking for (edited)


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Wednesday    12:00AM - 4:00AM
Thursday    12:00AM - 4:00AM
Friday    12:00AM - 4:00AM
Saturday    12:00AM - 4:00AM

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Howl Namikaze
Howl Namikaze Sargatanas
Mitsu Wayward
Mitsu Wayward Sargatanas
Kat Yukki
Kat Yukki Siren