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Focused on the community.

XIV Recruit was born out of a need for better recruiting functionality for FFXIV that Discord and Reddit couldn't provide alone. The focus of this site is to make it easier for everyone involved in the recruiting process, as well to pave the way for standards that are community-driven when it comes to defining the focus/mindset of a group.

When recruiting and/or searching for a static, you should be able to trust that the description provided matches the same definitions you expect. It makes for a confusing and disjointed process when "HC" means something completely different to each of the parties involved in the recruiting process. To solve this problem we have created a convenient set of definitions for you to reference.

Take a look at our Common Definitions to learn more.

New to raiding with a static?

There are all varieties of statics ranging from social to stream teams, casual to hardcore, world first racing and more. If you find there are no statics that suit your difficulty preferences, consider starting your own! It's not any more difficult than throwing up a PF in-game, and you don't necessarily have to be tied down to just one static.

If you're considering joining a static but can't decide whether to commit or not, check out some of the common pros and cons to see what might be the best fit for you.

Playing Solo

  • Play on your own schedule (or lack thereof).
  • Play at your own pace -- you don't have to worry about clearing before your teammates and possibly costing them a loot chest.
  • Roll on ALL the loot!
  • Frequently meeting new players and learning new strategies that you might not have known about otherwise.
  • Sometimes you'll wait a while for a party to fill, only for it to disband after a couple wipes.
  • Rolling for loot is pure RNG (hell) and it is possible to not win any loot for weeks! You may have to depend on getting by on tomestone gear and using books to upgrade instead.
  • The variety of new players you group up with might not be a good fit every time.
  • You try your best to pull your weight, but there are lots of players who jump into parties and do the bare minimum, costing you your sanity and/or time.

Joining a Static

  • You have a full party at your set static schedule and you can queue in right away to start getting pulls.
  • Your expectations are set with the static goal(s), so you can trust that all members of the party are pushing to achieve that goal to avoid any disappointment.
  • A good static will split up loot to be optimal for the group, so you can expect to get your full BiS within a reasonable time once you're clearing weekly.
  • If one member can't make the schedule it means you're either compromising by skipping raid that night, finding a fill-in, or making up the lost time on another day.
  • You're committed to the schedule set by the static which means you will generally need to make plans around the schedule or communicate plans with appropriate notice.
  • Clearing a fight before it's unlocked is widely discouraged and often considered rude in the static savage scene, so if you want to see further into a fight without the risk of clearing before your static does your best bet is running an alt and taking it into PF.