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Savage RaidingMature


This is static is for the people who have other things to do. Beginners, Alts, and teachers are all welcome. The only raid night is Sunday evening/night for 3ish hours.

Sunday    11:00PM - 2:00AM

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Current Roster

Valtyr Gwyn
Valtyr Gwyn Seraph
Momolo Molo
Momolo Molo Exodus
Brynhilde Moonshade
Brynhilde Moonshade Lamia
Dark Ruler
Dark Ruler Behemoth
Fox Sly
Fox Sly Behemoth
Ansa Loraqwen
Ansa Loraqwen Behemoth
Speedy Ultra
Speedy Ultra Behemoth
Rhaya'li Elaka Siren