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Handsfree Carries is open for recruitment
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  Looking for 4 members for the following job(s):   

TLDR; [AETHER] 1 Month clear sHC Static [sHC][FRU + Savage][LF Phys R, Tank, Healers]

1 Month savage clear team on Aether/ NA to transition to FRU on content.


Week 1 + 2 : 6:30~9:30 pm MST | Mon, Tue, Fri, Sat, Sun

Week 3 + 4 : 6:30~9:30 pm MST | Tue, Fri, Sat

Roster: Tank flex: PLD, GNB, DRK Melees: NIN MNK Caster: (BLM / PCT)

GOAL: Clear tier as fast as possible, move to reclears and chill until FRU releases. Can adjust sched for FRU. Week 3/ 4 may be redundant. First two weeks are frontloaded to get as much prog out of the way as possible. Transition to two days reclears.

Will trial those interested in DSR. Nothing crazy, just to see how you prog and work as a team.

Seeking: Healers | tank | Ranged

We are a team of 4 friends who like to sweat on the content rather than the team. Our benefits include vision, dental, omnicrafting and an endless discord tag collection for good memes.


Previous savage/ ultimate experience (Don't care about giga parses, good uptime is enough)

Prog focused > parsing (reclears and clears are top priority... while we expect everyone to do their best dps wise, we are not an opti group.)

Commitment to min 8 reclears on 4th floor

Show up on time, notify of absences as soon as you know

Study ahead of prog point

Come ready with pots/ food/ BiS

Work as a team on mit plans, communicate with the healers

Focus up during prog points, vc limited to shot calling and supports comms

Human friendly, no racism, sexism or other isms.

Can handle constructive criticism. You're not going to be yelled at but we will point out mistakes.

Be chill. We are gunna go hard the first two weeks but it's not a reason for anyone to lose their cool.

Please message me on discord (sleepibamboo) if interested, include logs and any relevant raid background.



Monday    12:30AM - 4:30AM
Tuesday    12:30AM - 4:30AM
Wednesday    12:30AM - 4:30AM
Saturday    12:30AM - 4:30AM
Sunday    12:30AM - 4:30AM

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