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TLDR; Casual, Weekends, Savage/Ex

Content: Savage Raids/Ex Trials Schedule: SAT/SUN Times: 8:00PM EST/10:00PM EST

We are a casual group, seeking to run content during weekends with the goal of creating a friendly environment for new/experienced players who'd like a laid back/stress free environment . We are recruiting for Dawntrail

We are currently looking for:

1 Tank 1 Melee 2 RDPS


We are a friendly group of players, seeking to casually run ex trials, savage raids and even dabble into older synced content/ultimates as we go. Ideally, we'd like players who are relaxed, eager to learn and are seeking a group who wants to dabble into all forms of raid content. We are happy to have brand new raiders, or experienced ones and want to create an environment to learn/clear raids together.

Our Schedule will take place on weekends (Sat/Sun) times 8:00PM est/10:00 PM est

We are also recruiting for core members, or fill in members for those players who'd like to raid but have a more scattered schedule.

We, do currently have a few players, however all roles are listed as open due to most of our players being flexible to fill what roles needed.

We are currently recruiting for Dawntrail

Monday    12:00AM - 3:00AM
Sunday    12:00AM - 3:00AM

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