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TLDR; 7.0 Savage | Week 3-4 | Aether |


Prioritizing Aether recruitment in case there’s an issue with data center travel. Goals: Week 3-4 clear 10 kills minimum (so everyone can have the achievement, mount, weapon, music, minion) Times 3 days per week, 3 hour sessions Tue/Wed/Thu: 8:00-11:00 PST Will do extra raid time if everyone can (Expect a lot of asking week during week 1) (Dropping 3rd day after clearing. 2nd day remains as a backup if its needed, don’t hard schedule over it) Attitude Don't be a jerk or make people uncomfortable. I hate having to awkwardly kick people out for this, but it’s better than making the majority of the group suffer through someone's bad behavior. Mechanic mentality: We use the strat with higher uptime as long as it doesn’t overly sacrifice consistency. However, we won’t bother with an overly complicated strategy if the dps gain isn’t large enough to skip a mechanic worth skipping. Examples: P11’s Uptime Kindred Loot Gear will go to whichever jobs will help facilitate clearing the most. (Expect DPS>Tank>Healer) Mounts, music, etc will be rewarded inversely as gear. (Expect Healer>Tank>DPS) Extra weapons picked on 1st, 2nd, 3rd priority system (Played job is forced to 1st) Study Studying mechanics outside of raid time is required. (Try to be .75 of a fight ahead of us) Everyone should be able to comfortably perform well on their jobs. (EX: No one should have to be taught their job's rotation/opener by another raid member.) Party Finder Clearing in PF after the raid group is done for the week will always be acceptable and encouraged. If you are really wanting to go before then: If you don’t have an alt: please ask in the group chat. Yes/No will be determined by how likely we are to clear that week. If you have an alt: The alt will need to be the same job and have comparable gear if you plan to use it with the static. If there’s a notable difference between the alt and main OR the alt doesn’t meet the gear requirements below, ask the group chat. Gear/Food/Pots: Pentamelded crafted gear minimum. You can over meld last expansions materia for the first raid tier of the expansion You don't have to overmeld a piece you know you're going to replace with tomes within the week. (Or before the first raid day of the next week) Always have food on for raids. Always have pots for clear attempts (and prog if needed, unlikely in savage) 4 day grace period to get the new food/gear/pots if the crafting recipes come out the same day as the raid.


Group Exp: We're starting with a group of people who have known each other a really long time. Two of us are penta legend and another has done a few ultimates. Most of us are going to be doing the next ultimate, but likely not with this group because it might be difficult to permanently add days to the schedule.

Tuesday    10:00PM - 12:00AM
Wednesday    10:00PM - 1:00AM
Thursday    10:00PM - 1:00AM
Friday    12:00AM - 1:00AM

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