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Savage Raiding

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TLDR; Beginner friendly static. Thursdays at 9-11pm Eastern Time, Monday (optional) same time. P12S start.

We are about to start P12S P1 and getting ready for Dawntrail raids. We hope to finish P12S by the time DT raids drop, but current plan is to move directly into the new tier even if we haven't finished. We are beginner friendly, if you're willing to learn and grow, you're welcome here. We are progress oriented and want people to have watched guides and done research before going in for the first time. Nobody is perfect and we accept that. We will meet once a week on Thursday at 9pm to 11pm Eastern Time, and optional practice Monday 9pm to 11pm Eastern Time. Please be friendly and have a good mindset. Requirements: Be able to listen in and participate in voice chat on discord Know your class, you don't need to be perfect but you should be comfortable with your class We consider ourselves midcore, come ready to learn and improve, we may be more casual but we still want clears. Drama free, we are adults and we solve our problems with open communication.

Please provide Discord username when apply so we can talk. Thank you and I look forward to meeting you.

Looking for: Non Reaper Melee DPS (M2)


We Got This is a beginner friendly and improvement based mindset Static. We want friendly people who are willing to learn and improve and work together to get clears. We are happy to take people who are new to savage raiding or those who need a more casual raiding static. Currently progging P11S Letter of the Law.
Requirements: Be comfortable with your class, you don't need to be perfect but you should know how your class works Be willing to learn and grow, we are casual but we also want to get clears We are a drama free static with open communication. We're adults and we work our problems out with civilized conversation.

Looking for: Non Samurai Melee DPS.

Feel free to apply if you think we'd be a good fit.

Friday    1:00AM - 3:00AM

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