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TLDR; TL;DR Beginner/Casual static looking for people learning to raid, or those willing to help teach.

hey all, Looking for players who are new to raid, willing to help teach new players, or are just looking for a casual raid environment. tentatively looking at 2 raid days a week, Tue and Sun 7-10 PST. just looking for chill players who are ready to learn and vibe.


Hi all, I've been raiding for around 6 years at this point and thought i was free, but friends want to learn how to raid so the universe has brought me back in. Currently looking for members for a beginner focused casual group who are willing to learn to help get beginners into raiding. Currently looking at running Sunday and Tuesday nights, 7-10 PST. Current plan is for clearing savage, but if things work out we make look into ultimates.

Current Party: Tanks: Gunbreaker Warrior

Healers: Vacant Vacant

DPS: Pictomancer Viper Reaper Vacant

Monday    2:00AM - 6:00AM
Wednesday    2:00AM - 6:00AM

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