General Focus / Mindset:

Week 1 ProgressionsHCMCBlind ProgFarmProgBeginner-Friendly

Interested In:

UltimatesSavage RaidingExtremesOld ContentSocialLGBTQ+Mature


Recruiting for long term static members for Dawntrail raiding. Open Party Trial Runs can be made if you want to vibe check we can get acquainted in the few months leading up with some cat farming

Our main goal is to create a relaxing and fun for LGBT beginner raiders to just have some fun learning the ropes and helping each other succeed away from judgement that can make raiding stressful.

Schedule right now is the availability for meet ups and scheduling currently. we are thinking 2 times a week for 2-3 hours ea session but this isn't set in stone yet. lets go LGBTKick some ass together ♥

Tuesday    12:00AM - 6:30AM
Thursday    12:00AM - 6:30AM
Friday    12:00AM - 6:30AM
Saturday    12:00AM - 6:30AM
Sunday    7:00PM - 7:00AM

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Current Roster

K'ikori Dyne Hyperion