General Focus / Mindset:

World RacingWeek 1 ProgressionOptimizationHCProg

Interested In:

UltimatesSavage Raiding


[NA][LFM][5/8][WP Race][7.x][Savage + Ultimate]

Currently looking to trial: Tank Pure heal Phys ranged

hi we are looking for long term members to world prog/race future savages and ultimates

as a group we will be doing all the ultimates, min ilvl savage (mostly eden raids in preparation for the eden ultimate), and opti/speed runs

alt splits are an option to get ulti bis faster

we are also looking for a 10th(9th) man to gather information, create strats for the group, and possibly make live callouts for the group where and whenever applicable

Expectations: Good mental Eat and rest well Be level headed and constructive

Prerequisites: General knowledge of game mechanics (i.e. lb generation, general job stuff like mit) High proficiency of your main job (high purple+) Mechanical and mental consistency Have current ultimates cleared (DSR & TOP) & previous HC/Week 1+ Savage experience

Current Roster tank melee melee caster barrier healer

trials will be extensive and mostly a vibe check, lets kill boss and have fun

Monday    8:00PM - 1:00AM
Tuesday    11:00PM - 7:00AM
Wednesday    11:00PM - 7:00AM
Thursday    8:00PM - 7:00AM
Friday    8:00PM - 7:00AM
Saturday    6:00PM - 7:30AM
Sunday    6:00PM - 7:00AM

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Current Roster

Sen Rin
Sen Rin Gilgamesh